Who Turned Off the Light on Cigarettes?

Where Are All The Ashtrays, And Why Have E-Cigarettes Become So Popular?

There are a few different kinds of E-Cigarettes on the market today. Basically, they all offer people a way to use an electronic device that delivers a vapor that contains nicotine. They have become a popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. It’s interesting to see some of the reasons that smokers may prefer using an e-cigarette some of all of the time.

Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Are Popular – 

Consider some of the advantages of using e-cigarettes:

* No smoke: The electronic cigarette delivers a vapor that is created from a solution that contains nicotine. Since the device does not emit smoke, there is also no second-hand smoke. This makes these devices useful in places where smoking is not allowed.

* No smell: Again, the little bit of vapor doesn’t really produce an odor. Other people tend to find this odor offensive. Also, smoke doesn’t make the user’s clothes and hair smelly.

* Price: Almost any kind of e-cigarette ends up cheaper than buying regular cigarettes. This may be another reason why so many people have chosen this alternative to smoking cigarettes. They want to save money.   For a good look at how the different brands compare from a price perspective, we suggest visiting an online ecig shop like ECigsOnlineReviews or you can visit the EcigsUK social media page.

One big benefit of not smoking is that there is also no second-hand smoke. That’s why these devices have become popular with people who would rather not subject children or any non-smokers to their smoke. Also, non-smokers don’t tend to mind having people vape around them as much as they mind having people smoke.

Some places that prohibit smoking will allow vaping. That is not true of all places, so it’s a good idea to check for the rules – vaping in public places guidelines.

How To Enjoy E-Cigarettes

There are three basic kinds of e-cigarettes to consider:

* Disposable: These can simply be purchased, used, and then thrown away after they are out of nicotine solution. Typically, one of these disposable e-cigarettes will be equal to a couple of packs of regular cigarettes. They are good for people who just want to try vaping, but they are the most expensive kind of e-cigarette over time.

* Cartridge: These come with a unit that contains a battery, but the user screws on a disposable cartridge. After buying the battery unit and a charger, a user can recoup their modest investment and start saving money after a day or two.

* Tank-style: These units are much more sophisticated than other kinds of e-cigarettes. Some allow the user to make many adjustments. Tanks are filled with solutions that are either purchases or created by the user. The initial investment is higher, but over time, this kind of e-cigarette ends up being the cheapest. Also, some vapers prefer them because they can customize their vaping experience more, but other vapers find them more complicated to deal with.

Who Should Switch to E-Cigarettes?

Why choose e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes? Anybody who would rather not smoke but isn’t quite willing to give up on nicotine might try this smoking alternative. In addition, vaping won’t cost as much as cigarettes. Some smokers buy e-cigarettes to use for times when they feel the urge but can’t smoke because the activity is prohibited too.

New Meets Old

The Future of Smoking and the Death of the Cigarette

For the first time in over 100 years, the traditional leveller of men, the common cigarette that has sold untold millions, is under serious threat.

It began quietly in China, and before long on the back of positive commentary from doctors and other medical professionals, (including one who opened a vaping shop) the whole e-cig and vaping industry exploded.

The figures are quite startling, and as cigarette manufacturer rush in their droves toward the new tobacco replacement technology, the world as a whole waits with baited breath to observe how this experiment will unfold.