Quick Answer: Can A Landlord Charge For Smoking?

Can landlord keep security deposit for smoking?

Smoking and Leases

If your landlord has written into your lease that you can’t smoke inside the property and you do anyway, this could be grounds for an eviction.

It is not, however, sufficient reason to retain your security deposit unless the smoking has caused damage to the paint or to other areas of the house.

Is it illegal to smoke in a rented house?

Screening Smokers During the Application Process

So, if you are interested in keeping your rental property 100% smoke-free, it is not illegal for you to refuse smoking tenants. It is your right and responsibility to set up and maintain your property the way you want, as long as it is legal.

Can tenant be evicted for smoking?

Here’s the bottom line: Even if a tenant signs a lease that says no smoking, and they later smoke, you cannot evict them just because they broke their promise made in the lease.

Does renters insurance cover cigarette smoke damage?

What Doesn’t Renters Insurance Protect From Fire and Smoke Damage. Anything involving the structure of your apartment won’t be covered by your renters insurance policy. As a renter, you do not need to worry about the walls, cabinets, floors etc.–that is your landlord’s responsibility.