Is There A Smoking Ban In Greece?

2010 smoking ban

Casinos and bars bigger than 300 sq m were given eight months to apply the law.

As the previous law, this new one is also not implemented and smoking is permitted in the most public places in Greece.

Posted signage indicating smoking ban legislation is commonly ignored.

Is the smoking ban in EU law?

Currently, 17 EU countries have comprehensive smoke-free laws in place. Among these, Ireland, the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Spain and Hungary have the strictest smoke-free provisions with a complete ban on smoking in enclosed public places, on public transport and in workplaces, with only limited exceptions allowed.

Can you smoke in hotels in Greece?

The main areas of the hotel are non-smoking. However, you are permitted to smoke on the balcony to your room (all rooms have balconies), at the restaurant terrace and at the pool bars / pool taverns. Light Switches – In many Greek hotels timer switches are used on stairways and in other public areas.

Are there less smokers today?

According to a press release from the CDC, 38 million American adults smoke cigarettes daily or on most days. While millions of people continue to smoke, this population has decreased from 20.9% to 15.5% since 2005, according to data analyzed from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).

What is the smoking age in Greece?

Greeks Start Smoking at the Age of 12. Greece once more captures the media spotlight but not for the right reasons. Greek children smoking at school has become a common phenomenon according to a survey of smoking published on Monday, January 27, by the Ministry of Health.