Question: What Company Sells The Most Cigarettes In The US?

R J Reynolds

In 1999 the company had sales of over US$47 billion.

However, excluding the US domestic market, BAT sells the most cigarettes worldwide and has the largest network in the most countries.

What company sells the most cigarettes in the United States and the world?

Philip Morris International Inc

What is the number one selling cigarette in America?

The Top 5 Best Selling Cigarette Brands in the United States

Cigarette Brand (manufacturer)Cigarettes Sold 2013
1Marlboro (Philip Morris)114.7 billion
2Newport (Lorillard Tobacco Company)34.9 billion
3Pall Mall (British American Tobacco)23.2 billion
4Camel ( R.J. Reynolds Tobacco)23.1 billion

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What cigarette brand sells the most?

According to 2017 sales data, Marlboro is the most popular cigarette brand in the United States, with sales greater than the next seven leading competitors combined. The three most heavily advertised brands—Marlboro, Newport, and Camel—continue to be the preferred brands of cigarettes smoked by young people.

How many packs of cigarettes are sold each year in the US?

Cigarette Sales

During 2017, about 249 billion cigarettes were sold in the United States—a 3.5% decrease from the 258 billion sold in 2016.