Question: What Qualifies As A Heavy Smoker?

In general, a light smoker is someone who smokes less than 10 cigarettes per day.

Someone who smokes a pack a day or more is a heavy smoker.

Since 1 pack is 20 cigarettes, a person who has smoked 20 cigarettes a day for a year is considered to have smoked 1 pack year.

What is considered a light smoker?

Light smokers include low-rate daily smokers (< 5 cigarettes per day) and “chippers” who consistently smoke = 5 cigarettes per day on the days when they do smoke. (2) Intermittent Smoker – A broad term that covers a variety of patterns of tobacco use but is generally defined as smoking on a nondaily basis.

Is 4 cigarettes a day harmful?

CONCLUSIONS: In both sexes, smoking 1-4 cigarettes per day was associated with a significantly higher risk of dying from ischaemic heart disease and from all causes, and from lung cancer in women.

How many cigarettes is OK to smoke a day?

Smoking one or two daily carries large risk

They found that compared with never smoking, smoking about one cigarette per day carries 40–50 percent of the risk for coronary heart disease and stroke that is associated with smoking 20 per day.

How long do heavy smokers live?

As mentioned above, the life expectancy of a smoker versus a nonsmoker can differ by about 10 years. The study showed that male smokers who make it to 70 years old still lose about four years off their life, with projections of 88, 86 and 84 for nonsmokers, former smokers, and current smokers, respectively.