What State Smokes The Most?

Which US state has the most smokers?

These are the states with the highest adult smoking rates.

  • West Virginia. > Pct. adults smokers: 26.7%
  • Kentucky. > Pct. adults smokers: 26.2%
  • Arkansas. > Pct. adults smokers: 24.7%
  • Tennessee. > Pct. adults smokers: 24.2%
  • Louisiana. > Pct. adults smokers: 24.0%
  • Mississippi. > Pct.
  • Indiana. > Pct.
  • South Carolina. > Pct.

What city has the most smokers?

The US metropolitan areas (none of them major ones) with the highest smoking rates, per 24/7 Wall St.:

  1. Fort Smith, Ark.-Okla.: 28.3%
  2. Lafayette, La.: 28.3%
  3. Erie, Pa.: 28.2%
  4. Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, Tenn.-Va.: 28%
  5. Fayetteville, NC: 27.8%
  6. Spartanburg, SC: 27.6%
  7. Canton-Massillon, Ohio: 27.5%
  8. Huntington-Ashland, W.

The horrors of the Great War led to a great rise in smoking and by 1919 cigarette smoking was by far the most popular form. Initially it was only men who smoked, but by the 1920s it also became acceptable for women to follow suit.

Which state in India has highest smoking rate?

A survey conducted by the International Institute of Population Science and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, reveals that 56.6% of people in Kolkata smoke, the highest rate in the country. 82% of men and 23.5% of women smoke in Kolkata The highest number of beedi smokers are in Uttarakhand.