Quick Answer: Which Country Smoke The Most?

According to worldatlas.com

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Bosnia and Her

Which country has the most smokers?


Which country has the most female smokers?

Montenegro tops the list of countries with the highest prevalence of female smokers in the population (44%). Other countries with high rates of female smokers include Nauru, Serbia, Kiribati, Greece, Croatia, and Chile.15 Mar 2019

Which race smokes the most?

  • American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest smoking rate of any racial or ethnic group.
  • For about three in four (77.4 percent) African-American smokers, the usual cigarette is menthol, over three times the rate as among whites (23.0%).

14 Feb 2019

What country has the least smokers?

The Least Smoke Country In The World. BRUNEIANS should be proud of the fact that they smoke the least of all the 182 countries to feature in the Tobacco Atlas list with only 9.676 cigarettes consumed per person per year. Andorra tops the table with an estimated 6,398 cigarettes consumed per person per year.6 Jun 2018